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When its time to sell your property.

Position your listing to stand out in the market. We'll help you attract the right kind of buyer, giving you a game plan to minimise your stress and maximise returns.

The six steps to a successful sale

1. The house tour

We're your advocates (and agents) so we want to get to know you and your home. What do you love about the space? What will attract potential buyers? What do you want out of this sale? After touring the house, we'll sit down to discuss our gameplan for a successful sale.

2. The pricing    

After the tour, we'll do the necessary background research so we can establish a competitive price to attract the right buyers. As your agents, we're sensitive to your goals and as real estate experts, we know the market. Let's set the right price for a smooth and easy sale.

3. Prep to sell your property  

Make the first impression the very best impression. When it comes to selling a home, that means the right staging, the right decor, and the perfect ambiance. We'll help your house look its best and feel like home to anyone who takes a tour. With some thoughtful planning, you can turn your property into someone else's dream home. With our help, potential buyers will want to move in the minute they get through the door. Let's make selling a home enjoyable for everyone.

4. Engage potential buyers

Professional prep requires professional marketing.  First, our expert team of talented photographers will shoot your entire property — including aerial drone shots of exteriors for gorgeous panoramic views of your space. With jaw-dropping visuals, we'll market your home with an expert strategy that always wins! Buyers will be able to explore your home on our elegant property website, and through social media channels.  Our streamlined and targeted print and online marketing campaigns make your property stand out from the rest so we can entice the right kind of buyers. 

5. Get the right offer    

Negotiating a sale can be tricky. Don't worry, it's one of the main reasons that you hired us. We'll work alongside you, guiding you through the negotiation, ensuring that your best interests are met, so that you get what you want and the price you deserve.

6. Settle and celebrate    

From inspections and appraisals to financing and everything in between, we'll help you through the process of closing your real estate deal.  We're by your side to oversee and explain all the "nitty-gritty" details, so you can make your move with less stress and greater clarity. Feel relieved, relaxed and satisfied when the papers are signed and the property is sold.  It's time to get ready for your next big step!

David & Lynda
David & Lynda
We would like to say a big thank-you!

"We would like to say a big thank you for selling our house and doing your best. It was a tricky one but we rather see it sold instead of sitting there. Thank-you once again, we appreciate it very much!"

Seller of house

Our family found Mel to be compassionate to our needs, her knowledge of the Warwick and Southern Downs market and her track record for sales in the immediate vicinity helped us decided on the right selling price for the home, it was a quick and hassle free sale, we will hopefully be able to utilize her services again in the future

Seller of house

Mel went above and beyond.